KGT: Double-Edged Grapefruit Knife

First things first, Happy New Year and best of 2011 to all my readers! That’s you MOM and DAD! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to this blog, 60+ hour work weeks will do that :). It was a hectic holiday season this year, between juggling work (both jobs), family, friend and festivities. […]

KGT: One-Step Corn Kerneler

I just received an e-mail from my GF pointing out I’m on CRACK! Thanks Anneke! It seems i’m running 1 day ahead in mind. Since it’s actually Thursday, Anyways, here’s this weeks Gadget! I guess maybe I should start the Kitchen Gadget Friday as opposed to Thursday, since this is the 3rd week in a […]

KGT: Personal Soup Chef

It’s late in the day for my usual KGT post but better late than never! Today’s post is a kitchen appliance I had never seen before setting foot into Chef Michael Blackie‘s “Star Wars” Kitchen! Chef Blackie has several different kitchen gadgets. A Thermomix, is a cooking machine capable of many functions, including chopping, mixing, […]