The Organized Crime Winery

A while a go, Dave from Fine Diners clued me into to this small boutique winery in the Niagara region.
Since we were in the area for the Burlington Rib Festival and had a few hours to spare. My father and I decide to take a drive out to The Organized Crime Winery in Beamsville Ontario to see what the hype was about.

This winery is not a typical tourist trap, it’s a small winery privately owned and operated. To our surprise it was actually closed upon our arrival. The owner Jan Tarasewicz was busy tending his vines. Jan took time out of his daily chores to allow us sample and discuss his products. Thanks again Jan!

He explained to us the origin of the business name. Turns out it has nothing to do with actual Organized Crime. It’s more a play on words.
The story goes, back in the day the local Amish church had purchased a Pipe Organ, as music was disallowed by the community the organ was stolen. Hense the crime. The Organized portion of the name has to do with the actual organ. Cool story, Even cooler name :)

His wines also have very catchy names, they all seem to be somewhat music influenced.
The Download (Internet Music) – Cab. Merlot
Pipe Down (Pipe Organ) – Red Blend

He then gladly served us generous portions of the fruit of his labour. My father being a red fan sampled several varieties. Don’t worry mom Jan and I enjoyed more than dad did. Poor guy was driving!
Dad’s favorite was The Download. He described it as being full bodied.
I’m not much of a “connaisseur” or “wino” but I very much enjoyed the Riesling. It’s a nice summer wine. Think I had 3 glasses! I would best describe it as a nice balance between sweet and aromatic. Jan described it as “Off Dry”. Either way it was so good I bought two bottles.

This place is a must stop for the wine fan.
Jan keep up the good work, hope to see you again soon!

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