KGT: Double-Edged Grapefruit Knife

First things first, Happy New Year and best of 2011 to all my readers! That’s you MOM and DAD! ;)
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to this blog, 60+ hour work weeks will do that :). It was a hectic holiday season this year, between juggling work (both jobs), family, friend and festivities. I still managed to work Xmas day at the NAC with @michaelblackie. We cooked 65 turkeys, 300lbs of mash, veg and all the fixing for the Chef’s “take away turkey” bonanza! It was a blast and I’ll do it again next year. It seems as though our customers were happy with the product. Here’s a write up from about here take away turkey dinner. NYE was a gong show, most of my coworkers including myself were fighting a damn flu. We still managed to serve 180 that night regardless of the conditions we were fighting.

And now for this years first Kitchen Gadget Thursday, the double-edged grapefruit knife!

On one side, a curved, deeply ridged blade separates segments from the outer skin. The serration makes it easy to handle around the fruit’s thick pith, and the bend makes it easy to scoop and pull each slice away from top to bottom. The knife’s other side is a double blade, meant to fit closely around the membranes of each segment and slice your work in half. As a duo, the knife works quite well, preserving a more of the fruit than comparable grapefruit spoons. It’s ergonomic and sturdy (made of stainless steel) and really does cut down on the time it takes to prep a grapefruit.

One thought on “KGT: Double-Edged Grapefruit Knife

  1. Your chef told me how many Christmas turkey takeaways Le Cafe put together.

    Of the Christmas catered meals we listed, leading up to the holiday season, I’ve heard the most positive thoughts on Le Cafe’s turkey takeaways.

    Happy New Year!

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